How it all started...

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Well, 2016 was a terrible year for me. It was full of heartbreak, heartache and any other “H” word that's negative. After getting into numerous car accidents (none were my fault), losing my dad, 18 days later losing my grandmother, and some other personal issues all in one year. I had to sit down and really do some reflecting on my life. I started to pray really hard and ask God what to do because I truly believed that's what was missing. I WAS a control freak, and I had really come to terms with the fact I'm not in control, God is.

After all I had been through, I still had a smile on my face (eventually). So I thought, after I went through all this, I know someone else is going through something worse than me and they aren’t sitting around sulking and feeling pity for themselves.

I was so inspired by something that God had placed in my heart. November of 2016 I began thinking of ways to use my story to inspire others. I wanted use what I learned and inspire others with messages on a T-shirt. Which all started My Worship Wear.

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